What is I Need A Day Player?

I Need A Day Player is a job board website exclusively for short-term entertainment gigs. Use this website to post and/or apply for gigs, as well as promote yourself with your resume, headshot, and reel.

What is the cost of membership?

Basic membership is 100% free. With our Basic Membership level, you have full access to the site. Posting gigs, applying for gigs, and uploading your resume, reel, and headshot are all free.

We also offer a Premium Membership. Our Premium Membership is $10/year and has all the benefits of the Basic membership, plus the ability to post multiple resumes and multiple headshots. Premium Members’ Self Promote pages are highlighted and boosted to the top of the list of Day Players for maximum exposure. Premium Members will also have the option of letting Employers know when they’re available for work.

How do I post a gig?

To post a gig, simply sign up for a free Basic membership and click Post a Gig. Then fill in the required fields and submit your job posting.

How do I apply for a gig?

To apply for a gig, sign up for a free Basic membership and click Find a Gig. You may then browse available gigs and filter them by location and/or job type (ie: talent gigs, crew gigs, etc.)

How does my information appear on the Browse Day Players list?

In order to be listed on the Browse Day Players list, you must create a Self Promote page. You may only create one Self Promote page, although Premium members may upload multiple resumes, if appropriate (i.e. Editing and Acting), and their Self Promote pages will appear above Basic members on the Browse Day Player List.

How do I promote myself/How do I create a Self Promote page?

To self-promote, sign up for a free Basic membership and click Self Promote. Then simply fill in the required fields including your resume, reel, and/or headshot and submit your professional profile. Premium members may now announce to employers when they are available for work by selecting that option from the dropdown menu.

How do I browse available Day Players?

To browse available Day Players for your next gig, sign up for a free membership and click Browse Day Players. You may then filter the talent list by location and/or specialty.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds, however you may cancel your Premium membership anytime via PayPal. If you do wish to cancel, you must cancel your subscription with PayPal within one year of the date you purchased a membership to avoid annual auto-renewals. Premium members who cancel their subscription will automatically revert to a free Basic membership at the time of their annual renewal.

Do I need a PayPal account to sign up?

No. You have the option to use your PayPal account if you have one, but you don’t need one. You can sign up with a credit card.

Have additional questions that aren’t covered in our FAQ? Email us at iNeedAdayPlayer@gmail.com